Your Taxes Pay for Nothing

Your taxes pay for nothing. They never have and they never will. You will have been told countless times that your taxes pay for all the things the government spends on; from defense to roads, to hospitals, to education, and so on. But any government that owns its own currencydoesn’t use tax money to pay … Read more

Don’t Buy IPO Stocks!!

stocks in general and about the way people invest is usually not a good way to go however it’s a very sad story and if it saves one person from potentially having this happen to them then you know it was worth time to share it. So I’ll share the story and then i will … Read more

How much capital do you need to trade PennyStocks?

What’s the ideal capital to start how to trading stocks let’s say if you’re completely beginners they have no idea what to look for the first thing is I would suggest going to google and typewas penny stocks or go into youtube and to say what things you can pick up just get a general … Read more

How to know your Stalkers on Instagram

How to know your Stalkers on Instagram – Stalker admire your friends your friends, if you want to know who’ve been stalking you, lately on Instagram some creepy dude or something like that look no further than this scene alright, let’s get into the article, and I’m going to explain you ways to find out, … Read more