How To Save Money Using The 52-Week Savings Challenge

When it comes to saving money, what is the challenge for those of you, who don’t know what it is?It’s basically a saving challenge, where you see the specific dollar amount that is equivalent to a week’s number.So, the challenge goes over 52 weeks which is one year, and on week one. You save a … Read more

9 Things to Do On Sunday for Your Finances

Nine things you can do for your finances every week to help you stay on top of your financial goals and also your mental health and personal well-being. Sunday is a great day to get these things done when you prepare for your week ahead. You minimize the stress and the dread, you feel about … Read more

Assets vs Liabilities

What are Assets and Liabilities? Once you understand how the terms assets and liabilities are used in business, you can use that knowledge for your benefit in your personal life as well. In accounting, assets and liabilities are terms that you will find on the balance sheet. What you own is on the left: resources. … Read more

The Importance of the Right Money Mindset

I’m going to discuss mindset, and how it impacts,how successful you can become with your money.So, when it comes to improving your financial situation and building wealth.You’ve probably heard about all these things, we need to be doing, you need to have a budget, need to have a plan, to be able to our debt. … Read more

The Craziest Thing I Did to Save Money!

When I first graduated from college, one of the biggest challenges was I set myself to save as much money as I possibly could.And I ended up saving a hundred thousand dollars in threeand a half years.But during that process, there was a time, when I was going through checking my account, and after I … Read more

5 Good thoughts to monitor your investment funds!

If you have big goals in your life you need a plan for how you’re going to reach those goals. You also need a plan of how you’re going to measure those goals and when it comes to your financial goals specifically, it’s all about creating a plan to track your savings. So, that you … Read more

Your Taxes Pay for Nothing

Your taxes pay for nothing. They never have and they never will. You will have been told countless times that your taxes pay for all the things the government spends on; from defense to roads, to hospitals, to education, and so on. But any government that owns its own currencydoesn’t use tax money to pay … Read more