About Us

hello friends welcome to my website. I am glad that you came to my website and first of all I say a big thanks to you

I am basically a blogger and I love to publish articles on technology and finance . I really love to do this stuffs and I have a strong weakness on technical line, usually I write articles on latest technical gadgets and also crypto currency which always stays on trend

I came from small town named kendrpada and most of the peoples are box minded here and they preferred to do jobs instead of managing own business , seriously I never wanted this profession but when I fed up from my job I have decided to create a website where I can post my talents as I love write articles so I made this website

I have big dreams , I want to make this website in good level where peoples can trust and also I can provide them good fresh contents , thats my aim

I search contents from various sources including google and other social media platforms , then I summerise and I choose which will be latest and useful for my readers , after selecting I case study on that and post articles .

I am not a fresh blogger at all, I have good past experience on this line, I am giving my time to this website to making this more user friendly and benificial for users

I really need your suggestions to improve myself and my profession , no one is perfect so if you guide me then I will be glad too.

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