The Craziest Thing I Did to Save Money!

When I first graduated from college, one of the biggest challenges was I set myself to save as much money as I possibly could.And I ended up saving a hundred thousand dollars in threeand a half years.But during that process, there was a time, when I was going through checking my account, and after I had paid all my bills and I had saved money, an extra $1 was in my account. I realized I didn’t have anything to do with this $1.

I really wanted to put it in my savings account.So, I log into my savings account and tried to make the transfer from my checking to my savings account of $1.00. But the transaction was declined because there was a minimum transfer amount that can either keep this dollar in my bank account. I need to buy gum, or just have it sit there, and eventually spend it on something.

When I get a couple of extra dollars, I can take this money to the branch and deposit it. So, guesswhat, I did, I got ready, and drove all the way out to my savings account bank.Which was not close to my house. I went up to the teller and gave her my $1.00, and told her that I want to make a deposit of course.She looked at me like, I was crazy.She was like, you wanted to deposit a dollar.

Am I? Yes, I do. But I actually did, I deposited that dollar, and I was happy about it.I didn’t really feel that I mean. I think, I felt a little embarrassed, but I didn’t really feel bad about it. I really wanted to get that $1 into my savings account.When you think about making a $1 transfer to savings, it sounds crazy, and $1 may not seem like a lot right, it just seems like, it’s a really small amount.

So, what difference is it going to make? But a small amount of money makes a difference because the little plus, a little plus, a little equals a lot, and for me, it wasn’t necessarily about the amount, but it was just more.So, I wanted to stay on track with my savings habit.My consistency of saving, and that mindset that wanting to be consistent,“that wanting” to maintain my habit is really.

How I was able to save a hundred thousand dollars in three and a half years? When you think about saving money, don’t focus too much on the amount saved. No matter how small it is.If you only have a dollar to put in your savings account,then just put that one dollar in your savings account.If you only have a dollar to put towards your debt, to your credit card, to your loans, put that dollar towards that debt.

Key Factor of Story

The whole point is to build up.The habit, build up consistency and develops the mindset.That you can succeed with your money, and the way you succeed is by taking action.So, yes my story sounds a little silly, maybe a little crazy for driving, all the way to the bank to deposit a dollar.

The gas that took me to the bank probably costs more than a dollar, but it definitely helped me stay motivated. It helped me stay inspired to keep going towards my money goals and I hope this little story inspires you too. Don’t feel embarrassed about saving money. No matter, how small it might be, because like,“I said a little plus, a little plus, a little equals a lot over time”.

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