5 Good thoughts to monitor your investment funds!

If you have big goals in your life you need a plan for how you’re going to reach those goals. You also need a plan of how you’re going to measure those goals and when it comes to your financial goals specifically, it’s all about creating a plan to track your savings. So, that you can track your progress toward achieving those financial goals.

You have set for yourself and so in this article, I’m going to go over five ideas to help you track your savings, keep in mind that when it comes to these ideas you can choose to use one or use a hybrid combination of several. It’s all about leveraging what works best for you to track your savings goals.

  1. Spreadsheet:

The first way to keep track of your savings goals is with a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are very effective and you can document your goals and organize them into columns and even add equations and formulas to project or calculate your different goals. You can choose to create your own spreadsheet from scratch or you can leverage one of the several clever finance spreadsheets.

  • Leverage Budgeting Apps

You can leverage budgeting apps to track your savings goals and a lot of these apps will let you link your bank accounts and set up specific savings goals that you can keep track of every time. You log into the app.

  • Worksheets

Worksheets are a good alternative to spreadsheets. They are basically pre-designed templates that you can print out or use digitally to track your savings goals.

  • Planner

If you love journaling and you love putting pen to paper then a planner might be a great way for you to lay out and then track your savings goals.

  • Printables

These are sheets that are designed to be printed out and you can get creative with pens and colors to really create a beautifully designed savings tracker that you can use to keep you motivated and inspired to achieve your savings goals.

And with these principles you want to keep them easily accessible stick them on a wall or on a door or somewhere that when you walk past them you can remember to update them and also reflect on how far you’ve come and get motivated to achieve your entire savings goal.


Those are five great ideas and easy ideas to track your savings goals. You can use spreadsheets, journals,printables,and worksheet apps. It’s all about determining what’s going to work best for you and very importantly actually using those ideas to track your savings right. So, it’s one thing to set the goal and another thing to take action and it’s another thing to actually track your goals. The benefit of tracking your goals is that you’re able to see how far you have come. You’re able to find opportunities to assess and adjust. If necessary and tracking your goals will keep you inspired to succeed. So how do you currently track your savings goals are you tracking your savings goals or which one of these tips do you plan to leverage?

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