Taking The First Steps to Becoming Well-Known (Part 2)

Step 3

Number three, figure out what makes you unique and different than your peers, your unique point of differentiation. What is it about you that makes you different than these other five individuals that you’ve researched? What is it that makes you different than everyone else inside of your industry? Now I know what you’re thinking, well let me give you a couple of things. First of all,

  • What is it about your life experience that makes you different?
  • Where did you grow up? What did you study?
  • What about the jobs you’ve had in the past?
  • What about those makes you unique, and gives you a unique perspective?
  • How about your ability to communicate?
  • Are you a straight shooter, no-nonsense kind of person?
  • Are you a story teller who can sew elaborate stories that draws people in?
  • Are you a super technical, detailed person who can kind of describe things in excruciating detail?

Whatever your communication style is, that can make you unique, and allow you to stand out. And let’s not forget about your perspective,your unique opinion on the world. You probably think about things differentlythan other people do, and if you share your perspective and opinions, you have another opportunity to stand out. So don’t forget that your experiences, your communication style, and your unique perspectives all allow you to be different than everyone else in your industry.

Step 4

The fourth step in the process is to test your message. It’s now time to create some content, and put it out there for the world, and track how people respond to it. You can do this by starting to show you on other people’s podcasts. You can start writing articles on LinkedIn,or on your own blog, and you can also start creating videos showcasing some of your thoughts. The easiest way to start this when it comes to video is to simply pull out Instagram, and start recording 10, 15 second videos sharing some of your ideas with the world.

I want you to start watching for encouraging signals from other people, we’re talking about positive comments, and other types of signals that indicate you’re on the right track. Now just watch for those thing that are positive signals that your message is connecting with your tribe. This will allow you to define, and refine your message time and time again, as you begin to experiment with it across multiple mediums. So here’s your four steps.


Number one, know your why. Number two, research your peers so you have someone to look up to. Number three, define your unique points of differentiation. And number four, test your message. Isn’t it time you get started on becoming more well-known? The good news is, now you have a plan that you can begin executing against. Now I know what you might be thinking, I don’t have time for all this. I’m gonna help you figure out how to balance your other work with your creation of content, so that you can become more well-known.

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