How much capital do you need to trade PennyStocks?

What’s the ideal capital to start how to trading stocks let’s say if you’re completely beginners they have no idea what to look for the first thing is I would suggest going to google and type
was penny stocks or go into youtube and to say what things you can pick up just get a general idea of what penny stock is and the second thing is when you want to go into your industry
and people are thinking about what I will only invest $500 or $1000 that’s not gonna work the first thing is if you’re going to trade a stock black knee and you have no idea what technical analysis is or fundamental analysis is you’re just blind buying today it’s more it’s worse than casino so the most of the time you will lose almost all your capitals.

HOW TO REFINE STRATEGIES – The first thing I did is I looked into other people’s other than gurus or mentors and I know I’m gonna run into some scammers and stuff but it’s good to have them to kind of find out what’s the real strategy is it’s good to have the general community and can kind of dive in there to find what’s the real strategy now to how to refine strategies as you can use statistics to really see what’s the highest winning percentage of the pattern and to see how they’re performing throughout a half a year or a year 2000 the industry – and be consistent profitable I will say it will take about six months to a year to help you really get into the rhythm of how to really trade I would recommend starting with at least 20,000 because I would say half of the money will go into education how to learn technical analysis fundamentals and we just watch people live trade or subscribe other services other people have you go boost your knowledge much quicker from learning the market because nary in the market.

The first thing is you will get emotional very quickly once you start getting emotional you will lose control once you lose control you lose your account most of people blow up in that way because they’re refused to really listen to others and I think tuning K is a decent-size because I started with 27,000 pretty much half of the money way into education and half the money I started in my trading account now if you’re under PDT you can split your funds into motive brokers and you will have more trades throughout the week right now I don’t really trade that much because I plays around through the five trades per week.

HOW MUCH CAPITAL DO YOU NEED? – So just despite how many times our trade is pretty much under the PDT rules if you have a decent sized account I would say the maximum you should place in your accounts are around I would say 200,000 to 300,000 I wouldn’t really suggest to go over that it’s better to have the capital in there if you have let’s say over 200 300,000 but I wouldn’t suggest you use more than 200 to 300,000 in capital in one trade penny stock learn which is very small compared to futures or options market the more resides in the more you will affect the market especially on those low floats.

If you were sizing too big you know short positions and on a low flow you will easily get blown out because once the stock is going to the opposite directions you’re expecting and you’re starting Colossus the spread will make a huge difference and also just by the volatility of the low flow you will lose much more money than you ever expected other than that you know a regular flow the average volume with typical trade is between 10 million to 30 million so if it’s over 30-minute rates considered to be crowded then I wouldn’t say she’s been trading that now within that range 10 million to 30 million the correct size into each tray is around the maximum size you can say the interest rate I will say around 50,000 to 70,000 sometimes 100,000.

Now for me personally I wouldn’t want to sizing if the stock has not very good odds and I do not want to sizing over 30,000 because on each trade if the stock is trading certain volume there’s correlations between volume and how much capital you can put into a trade so you have to be really careful with the volume capitals I would suggest building like a spreadsheets to find out what’s the ratio and what’s the volume because if the bond is bigger you can size anymore and not even if the maximum is goes to 30 minute because if it gets super crowded you cannot really predict where she is most of the time so for me personally 30,000 will be the best for a
decent trade now here is a high odds or the perfect setup I was sizing about 100 or dozen one more no more than 300,000 because I think that’s very very risky into the opinion and that’s pretty much.

One more thing I’m not mentioning about you cannot really rush into this industry even though we put in your game you takes about two three years for you to master it same thing with any other industries either gaming or trading or investing in real estate it takes time so be patient you will see without after you work hard for two three years at that time you won’t be really regretting how much money you invested in the industry so I would say 10,000 to 15,000 it’s cheaper compared to just investing your real estate.

Thank you so much for read this.

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