How to know your Stalkers on Instagram

How to know your Stalkers on Instagram – Stalker admire your friends your friends, if you want to know who’ve been stalking you, lately on Instagram some creepy dude or something like that look no further than this scene alright, let’s get into the article, and I’m going to explain you ways to find out, who’s actually a stalker. So the easiest way to spot if a person is staking on you, is by basically looking at your story view list, look there’s no reason a person would just watch your story for fun, I mean some do but not all of them, but if a person watches your story multiple times a day as of like a frequent visitor of your Instagram page, it’s actually pretty easy to find out who they are and let me explain you.

So when you post a story let’s say a video of you dancing. people comes to view your story but now keep in mind that the list of people who view your story is actually structured in a very special way from instagram, so they basically put the person that they think are the closest to you on the top of the list, so basically the higher a person rank on your story view list the higher the chances that they are your stalker or your bestie. Let me give you an example if a person doesn’t follow you on instagram for doesn’t follow account at all and then they don’t like a single post of yours and those kinds of things but strangely they appear on your story view list. Well that’s kind of weird, isn’t it. Now here’s comes down to two reasons one he’s a bot account, no or two he’s your stalkers.

If you’re using the first method right now hear me out on the second one, this is probably gonna be another most like it’s probably gonna be the most helpful, one another way to find out who is the stranger who is the stalkers on your page is by just looking at the suggested feed if, you have the person’s phone number if the person just signed up a new account with that phone number you’re gonna see a brand new account right there because Instagram think that you guys are friends, you guys are besties because you have his phone number, so here we’re going to suggest it for you. But here’s another study I won’t already say this is a study but it’s a real life experience which is that if a person visits your instagram page quite often instagram is going to think that you guys are friends or something like that, so because since the person is interested into you they might think that you’ll be interested in them as well so they will suggest.

The page that stalked you on your suggested feed I’ve approved towards this method and there are people on reddit, talking about these things. So for example in this post right here it says that I’m pretty sure I usually shows your stalkers it’s been a few days that my husband x keep popping on on my IG as suggested friends, and we have zero mutual friends both from IG and Facebook, and I’ve not searched her on IG so no stocking from my side.

Although I have one of her phone numbers saved on my phone, the suggestion does not comes out as in your contact like the rest of the people that I have their numbers on my phone so this post on reddit actually got some some quite of good attractions and there are also a person sharing his experience towards this thing which is that, he said that he looked on a hardcore in london england he’s in texas she hated him like a week, later literally impossible that it wasn’t related, I asked her because I thought maybe I accidentally like one of her photos but she confirmed that I show up on her suggest, the sections mystery soft so basically when somebody watches your pages they will be appeared in your suggested feed because instagram thinks you guys gotta be friend or something like that. So yeah basically it’s a social media app they knows everything about you because instagram just knows to just have all of the data to make you stay on the platform so yeah I mean that’s the two method.

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